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Why choose us?

Streamlined Supplier Management

Only ever one supplier invoice and one point of contact.

Pinpoint expertise

Access to focused specialists, rather than mediocre ‘jacks-of-all-trades’.

Lean structure

Why pay for the body of an agency when all you need are its brains?

Agile Client Flexibility

Digital services suited for both direct clients or agency partners.

Partners not clients

We work with you, providing a full service and collaborative digital offering.

From validation to growth

Can be engaged at any stage of the digital journey.

Economical, progressive and alternative

Decentralized and remote structure keeps overhead costs down.

On demand resources

Specialists across the board who can be engaged whenever you require.

Who is in the Digital Emporium?


Septa is a technology research & design company. We collaborate with our customers to understand their user needs and co-design solutions to address them. **We make sure you build the right product.**

Code Brewery.png

Code Brewery are a trusted and respected provider in software and application development, that work as digital partners for progressive agencies and businesses. **We build the product right.**


Menace Group is here to support you with a complete marketing service, from marketing strategy and execution, through to management of your digital and social media channels. **We make sure the product built hits the market right.**

Some of our Clients

Key Team Members

Get in touch

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